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What is Bake Coin? About Bake Coin From A - Z

 Virtual currency is gradually becoming an investment trend in the world. Because it brings high profits with a simple form of profit. One of them is Bake coin, an official cryptocurrency of the BakerySwap project. It is considered to have strong growth potential, so it attracts attention from investors. So what is Bake coin ? What characteristics and advantages does it have for investors? Follow the article below to discover together.

What is Bake Coin?

Coin is known as a distributed digital currency. They are used to exchange and conduct transactions directly on devices with an internet connection. It does not need to go through any intermediary organization and is not managed by anyone.

So what is Bake coin ? Bake coin aka Bake Swap. This is a decentralized exchange (DEX). It provides auto-marketing (AMM) based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Bake coin is inspired by the concept of UniSwap. Therefore, Bake coin has the same operation as Uniswap but is faster and costs less.

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What is Bake Coin?

Bake coin works by storing it on the Binance smart chain. This chain brings a lot of great benefits to the Binance community. As follows:

  • Brings arbitrage functions to other tokens powered by Binance DEX or its centralized partner.
  • Has great scalability potential and achieves higher transaction speeds with minimal overhead.

Currently, according to statistics, Bake coin is ranked 5th in the field of AMM DEX. This is a relatively high position, it shows quality and prestige.

What are the outstanding features of Bake coin? 

What are the highlights of Bake coin? That is the orientation to become an All-in-one Station for both DeFi and NFT. In addition, it also has a lot of other features such as:

Trade:  Exchange transaction settlement and Liquidity liquidity provision similar to Uniswap. Bake coin charges 0.30% for every transaction generated. Of which, 0.25% will go to the Liquidity Provider (LP) and the remaining 0.05% will be converted into BAKE tokens and given to BAKE token holders as a reward.

Bakery Gallery:  This feature has just been officially launched in April 2021. It allows the offering of 3D NFTs connected with the world's top artists. At the same time, it allows mining NFTs such as images, videos , Gif files, and Audio.

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Bake coin brings many outstanding features

Gamification:  Is 1 Game Box corresponding to a pack of leading NFT Game tokens on Binance Smart chain. Users who burn 0.25 POKER or 0.25 SOCCER tokens will have a chance to get 1 Game Box. Open reward 1500 TLM + 20 PET + 20 ALICE with tokens.

Launchpad:  The token launch feature is similar to that on Binance's Launchpad platform.

Earning:  This feature monetizes through the platform's Yield farming form. Pools allow you to farm tokens TKO-BNB, AUTO-BNB, TLM-BNB, etc.

NFT Marketplace:  The exchange market , a place to buy and sell NFT tokens.

Eth2.0:  Allows staking ETH for profit, Bake coin uses ETH to build validators that convert from ETH to ETH 2.0.

What is the advantage of Bake coin?

The advantage that Bake coin brings is something that investors are very interested in. Because this is a currency with many outstanding advantages. Users can rest assured when using them for the following reasons:

Capability of safety and convenience

Unlike many other virtual currencies, Bake coin has a clear origin. The companies behind this currency all have a longstanding reputation in the market. So you are completely assured when investing in it.

With a high position on the exchange, bake coin is very stable. Valuation of money will not fluctuate up and down like other cash flows. Therefore, when investing, there is only profit and very little loss.

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Bake coin is a safe and convenient virtual currency

Various features

Another highlight of Bake coin is its orientation to become an all-in-one Station for both NFT and DeFi. Bake coin has many attractive features, including: Trade, Earning, NFT Maketplace, Bakery Gallery, Gamification, Eth2.0, Launchpad,...

With a variety of features, users will be very convenient to use. Even non-specialists will not be confused when using Bake coin for the first time.

Easy way to convert

Bake coin can be converted into real money with a very simple way. For each country, bake coins will be exchanged into different currencies. So you don't have to worry about complicated conversions.

In particular, changing into real money does not cost too much. Therefore, even withdrawing a large amount of bake coin is not afraid of loss. This is a point that users love to bake coin.


With the above information, we have provided readers to understand what Bake coin is ? As well as the characteristics and advantages of this currency. Wish you have accurate speculations in investing to bring high profits.