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What is Fud in Crypto Market?

 When participating in the virtual currency market , investors must have heard the term Fud. It is known to be the psychological syndrome that most participants in the virtual currency market are susceptible to. So what is Fud ? How to get over it? Follow the article below to find out the answer.

What is Fud in Coin?

Fud stands for the phrase Fear – Uncertainty – Doubt which is translated as fear – uncertainty – doubt. In the Crypto market, the term Fud is used to refer to the fear of investors when there is bad news about the market. Once suffering from this syndrome, investors will often choose to sell off the coin at a cheap price.

What is FUD? What is FUD?

However, this syndrome is not spontaneous, Fud can be seen as a competitive tactic by spreading negative information. In order to mislead or untrue with the aim of causing investors to make irrational decisions and benefit the informant.

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When did the Fud mentality appear and what are the consequences of Fud?

Fud is likely to happen when there is a negative news spread widely in the media. It makes investors panic, imagine, obsess and think that they are about to lose. Investors suffering from this syndrome quickly make decisions to sell off financial assets they are holding as soon as possible. For the purpose of preserving capital, leading to selling in a hurry and sometimes falling into the trap of many people

It can be seen that, Fud often appears when the market is in a downtrend. It creates panic, causing investors to no longer maintain their stance or original plan.

What are the consequences of Fud's syndrome?  Who does it affect? What are the consequences of Fud's syndrome? Who does it affect?[/caption]

Fud causes two extremely serious problems such as:

For investors: Fud causes unfounded fears, causing them to rush to sell their holdings. And sometimes they can be more profitable in the future. Or this mentality causes investors to sell at a lower price than the original investment.

For the trading market: Fud syndrome, if widespread, can lead to severe price drops. Because investors rushed to sell out massively.

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How to overcome the Fud mentality in the market?

Fud syndrome is quite common among new investors, most of whom have not had much practical experience. You cannot change the market factor, so you only have to change yourself to overcome this syndrome. Here are some tips to help you get through it:

Stick to predetermined goals

Steadfast will helps you follow the predetermined route, it is also a factor to help you avoid being taken advantage of by the bad guys. So, once you have a plan and a clear time, stick with it until the end.

Determination and willpower will help you avoid making decision-making errors that arise out of your control and out of your control. Besides, determine the investment time, profit-taking target to maintain psychology. Avoid being swayed by outside information to make the most appropriate decisions.

Investors should be consistent with predetermined plans Investors should be consistent with predetermined plans[/caption]

Capture and understand the investment market

Understanding and grasping the investment market is one of the hardest rules. Because of unpredictable fluctuations, even seasoned investors find it difficult to judge.

Therefore, for new investors, it is necessary to study and improve their knowledge more about this market.

Cut losses at the right time

Stop loss at the right time will help investors get out quickly and still be able to keep a certain amount of capital. Looking for other investment opportunities. If investors hesitate to hesitate, assets will be lost and cause quite a lot of damage.

[caption id="attachment_195537" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Understand the investment ways to make the right decision Understand the investment ways to make the right decision[/caption]

Determine your investment style

Investment styles include: short-term, medium-term or long-term. Understanding the pros and cons of each style will help make the right decision. Determining your investment style is very important. It will help you prepare mentally and methodically. From there, there is a timely solution when affected by Fud.

Learn how to manage capital effectively

Knowing how to effectively manage and distribute capital will reduce the risk posed by Fud. Therefore, it is not advisable to concentrate all capital on one investment channel. You will have a stable profit, and be more proactive when there are unusual fluctuations.

Hopefully, with the information shared by Finnews24 above, it can help you better understand what Fud psychology is ? As well as how to get through it safely and effectively.