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What is Coin Dent? Information about the Dent project and the Dent Coin

 With the crypto investment market being as vibrant as it is today, Coin Dent is a highly anticipated cryptocurrency. Because it promises to bring a breakthrough in the mobile data technology industry. Let's learn about this coin, how it works and its outstanding features right in the article below. : What is Coin Dent?  Dent and Dent Coin Project Information : What is Coin Dent? Dent and Dent Coin Project Information

What is Project Dent?

Dent is a Blockchain platform. It was created with the aim of allowing users around the globe to freely buy, sell or give away their mobile data to anyone. Dent is also an open mayor with a large number of users.

Besides, Dent acts as a mobile data trading market similar to the stock market .

What is Coin Dent virtual currency?

Accordingly, Dent is known as a token of the Dent decentralized storage network. Dent Coin was issued through an ICO crowdfunding by the Dent Foundation.

Dent Coin is the worldwide currency of the Dent project for Mobile Data between Telcos and users. Coin Dent is listed for trading on many major global exchanges. Not only that, it is also paired with several major cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, BNB, KRW and USDT.

Currently Coin Dent is running on Ethereum's platform based on the ERC-20 standard.

History of Coin Dent

In 2014, this company was officially established. The founder of the company is a Hong Kong businessman named Tero Katajainen. With the desire to make mobile communication popular and cheaper in cost.

In 2017, the Dent project team added to its staff structure developers with many years of experience to strengthen the foundation and plan the long-term direction ahead.

From July 12 to July 26, the call for investment capital will be done in the form of ICO. With 1 Ethereum = 400 DENT coins (not including bonuses).

Problems that Dent solves

So with the information about the investment scale and Coin Dent in the content above, we can see that Dent developers hope to support the global telecommunications industry with less money and more profit. more effective. What are the problems that Dent proposes to be able to solve? Based on that, below are some of the key issues that dent will handle in the near future, including:

  • The supply from companies that collect information is limited and does not satisfy customers enough.
  • Expensive.
  • Limit interruptions when doing global roaming.

Freeing up mobile data

Based on that, dent coin will be a global currency to help sell and buy mobile information. Thus, users will organize to send dent declarations to telecommunications solution providers in exchange for information.

Buy automatic mobile data at the best price

Based on that, Dent will agree to buy automatic information packages for customers and IoT devices. This way, customers will constantly receive the most optimal cost from the appropriate managers in their area, notably without having to worry about buying too little or too much information.

Limit interruptions when performing international roaming

Based on that, Dent will prefer to eliminate the kind of money that has to be paid for information roaming, such as paying for very expensive routing between providers of telecommunications solutions.

Why should you choose to invest and trade with Dent Coin?

Dent aspires to make the global telecommunications industry more efficient and less expensive. Here are some important reasons investors should choose this coin:

About architecture

  • The Dent Exchange is a collection of today's cutting-edge technologies.
  • The trading side of Dent includes components such as stocks, forex and similar markets.

About the Dent web app

The Dent web application allows market participants to view order books and dig deep into the market. To view quote feed, review portfolio, order history, place buy or sell orders, etc.

About the Dent mobile app

The Dent mobile app is a very simplified version of the web app. It allows you to view quote charts and place basic orders. It also allows to view current portfolio and Dent balance.

Outlook for Dent Coin

Outlook for Dent Coin

About the structure of Dent exchange platform

The exchange includes storage as a tool for trading, managing and executing orders, managing market participants and their portfolios, and more.

Dent Coin acts as a digital commodity. It powers the mobile data platform. And provide access to the platform for telecom carriers around the world. Because Dent Coin is built on the Ethereum Blockchain. So smart contract functionality is an important mechanism by which Dent users can buy, sell and trade their data.

Dent includes what ingredients?

The main components of Dent include:

Data Market: Participants can use Coin Dent to buy and sell data in the international market.

Data Exchange: Although Dent is already listed on Binance exchange. Dent also plans to launch its own exchange. This will increase the liquidity for the Dent token.

Mobile Apps on iOS and Android: The mobile app serves as the central interface. For users to buy, sell, trade or donate mobile data plans. And they are encouraged to buy, sell, exchange or donate mobile data plans through the mobile app.

Community Building: During this phase, users need to hold Dent tokens to participate in the community. In the demand to free up data and change the way that telecommunications companies are doing business with mobile data.

Features of Dent Coin

Dent Mobile Data Billing : This is also happening with mobile data plans that were previously locked to one carrier. Dent Coin aims to create a global marketplace. And facilitate peer-to-peer data transmission.

Eliminate international roaming costs: It eliminates roaming cost drivers. For example, legacy routing architecture between telecommunications service providers, which can be expensive. But with the Internet transport mechanism and Blockchain tool, it greatly reduces the cost of providing this service.

Outstanding features of Dent in today's market

Outstanding features of Dent in today's market

Fair Market Mobile Data Payment: Dent coin will authorize purchases on its own. It is knowing the prices and commodities of the global data market. It will allow you to get the best price. This allows you to buy exactly the amount you need, not too much or too little.

Benefits of technology brought to the project

Dent exchange is really working with the most modern technology at the moment. Providing services and dealing at dent exchange is like dealing with buying and selling securities, stocks or other business areas.

Here Dent Exchange pairs carriers and merchant members together to talk like a virtual intermediary.

As surveyed above about Dent and Coin Dent, in order to have the best connection between sellers, buyers and network operators, the dent system has been created and used to support that.

  • Dent mobile-app : this is a simple mobile use of the web version. Based on that, it has all the roles of the dent web-app, including accepting customers to place orders, viewing price graphs, viewing the balance of dent coin and viewing investment products, ...
  • Dent web-app : this is the current consensus that carriers, sellers and buyers entering the business area can view investment products, market history, markets, place orders or buy orders (actually mobile packages), …

Token Key Metrics Dent

Besides the overview information about  Coin Dent,  here are the detailed summary of Token Key Metrics Dent:

  • Ticker there: DENT
  • Token Name is: Dent.
  • Decimal is: 8
  • Contract: 0x3597bfd533a99c9aa083587b074434e61eb0a258
  • Token Standard is: ERC20
  • Blockchain is: Ethereum
  • Token type is: Utility Token
  • Circulating Supply is: 72,905,838,994 DENT
  • Total Supply is: 100,000,000,000 DENT

DENT Token Allocation

Detailed information about the distribution of DENT tokens on the market today. That will include:

  • Token Sale: is 70%.

Company Token: 30% (with User Incentives, Salaries and Telco Acquisition, …).

Distribution of Token Dent

Distribution of Token Dent

DENT Token Sale

Accordingly, DENT's ICO from 12/07/2017 to 27/07/2017 was opened for public sale with the same price of 1 DENT = $0.0005

DENT Token Release Schedule

Information about the DENT Token Release Schedule is currently being updated.

DENT Use Case

Accordingly, as the general information about Coin Dent as well as the above project, Coin Dent will be used to:

  • Make payments for the mobile data of sellers and buyers, of telecommunications companies currently in need.
  • Used to reward those who contribute directly to the Dent ecosystem such as: invite friends to use, donate data, ...

How to get Coin Dent

To be able to receive dent coins for free, you can download the dent exchange app, which is now available on mobile platforms, android and ios.

In addition, at this point the dent token cannot be staking, nor can it be mined. So assuming you want to have a license to add coin dent, the only thing you can do is not go through the middleman to buy at today's exchanges.

How to mine Dent Coin

How to mine Dent Coin

Today, dent is being helped to conduct transactions at some of the common exchanges such as kucoin exchange, latoken exchange, coin98 exchange, or binance exchange, ... In which, now binance and latoken are the exchanges with the highest volume. Buy and sell of coin dent the most.

Where to store Coin Dent?

As understood coin dent is currently a cryptocurrency in progress at the ethereum erc 2.0 base. That is why you have the ability to reserve without intermediaries coin dent eth wallets such as wallets. ledger nano s, myetherwallet wallet, trezor wallet and ethereum wallet.

At the moment dent's signature hoarding wallet is the ledger nano s wallet.

Moreover, you can also reserve without intermediaries at wallets of exchanges to facilitate wholesale assuming continuous service provision. However, the advice for you is that if you spend a long time, you should choose cold wallets.

Roadmap – Dent Development Roadmap

Roadmap Announced - DENT . Project Dev Roadmap

Roadmap Announcement – ​​Dev Roadmap of DENT . project

The roadmap of the specific project in early 2021

Coin dent and the entire investment scale in the early period of 2021 have a clear plan that will hit hard, stimulate regulatory operations and market the products of the investment scale. Not to mention the addition of new roles for dent exchanges and other bases.

The key milestones for the first half of 2021 are:

  • Enable DENT eSIM for Windows 10 Tablets as well as Notebooks.
  • Launch of data trading for eSIM on mobile and on exchanges begins .
  • Launch of a major update to DENT Exchange to enable a new type of transaction in mobile assets.
  • Start launching a new global marketing campaign and target travelers in international markets.
  • Launch on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat platforms.
  • Add agency partners to open B2B sales channels.
  • Make device and network optimizations for the Summer Olympics in Tokyo.
  • Add 20 countries to the global eSIM plan.
  • Conduct research and development on a new IoT product called “eSIM on a chip” to be able to create an open source “operating system” for connected devices and replace WLAN configuration functions with traces. embedded eSIM connectivity is available on the chip for manufacturers to build products by default.

The roadmap of the specific project by the end of 2021

The developers have promised that by the end of 2021, the implementation of key ecosystem components and internal functions will be completed, responsible for ensuring the ability to sell mobile Internet traffic. currently not in use.

In addition, in the near future, DENT applications will be officially released and adjusted to work with Android devices, as well as iOS devices. By successfully implementing these plans, users can begin to sell traffic to reduce costs associated with today's mobile networks.


As such, we have updated you with important information regarding Dent Coin. Hope this article will bring a lot of useful information. From there, investors can make the best decision.