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What is Defily (DFL)? Learn about DFL cryptocurrency from A to Z

Following the success of Altcoins, today let's Finnews24 learn more about Defily Token (DFL), can DFL bring great value to investors? - Please take a look at the article Write the following to understand what is  Defily (DFL) What is Defily (DFL)? What is Defily (DFL)?

What is Defily (DFL)?

Defily (DFL) is a Cross-chain DeFi project (cross-chain decentralized finance) on Chains and first appeared on the KardiaChain platform, the purpose of DFL is to contribute to creating and promoting DeFi to the world. closer to the community. The Defily project is now live on Binance Smart Chain, KardiaChain, now has a Bridge between BSC <=> Harmony.

On November 9, 2021 DFL will officially open a farm on the Harmony chain, followed by a journey to bring Defily soon to be connected with other big chains such as: Ethereum, Avalanche and Tomochain to build the Defi ecosystem. extremely diverse of Defily Token.

DFL contract:  0xD675fF2B0ff139E14F86D87b7a6049ca7C66d76e  (in both BEP20 and KRC20).
The meaning of this name Defily is because the founders have combined 2 words Defi + Friendly to give the right meaning to the development goals of Team Defily.

Features in the Defily ecosystem:

In the future, DFL will gradually improve the features in its ecosystem including:

  • IDO, IFO:  Currently, Defily has attracted and listed a number of development projects on its own platform, including: IDO: GetDone, LPDi and IFO: LiveTrade, Chat Token..vv...
  • Yield Farming:  A feature that allows users to participate in staking or lending crypto assets to generate high profits, or rewards paid in other cryptocurrencies.
  • Pools: Pools provides a real-time solution for users to easily locate all available Pool Farmings and Staking on KAI, BSC, etc. Users can manage their staking/farming activities at a single interface.
  • Gamefi:  Defily implements Defily Dragon Wars, an NFT-based game for developing, training and fighting, using the Dragon warrior character and managed by DRAGON token to help you Play to earn coins coin value as the seniors have released before, the orientation in the near future of the game is towards Metaverse reaching out to the world,…if you have missed games like Axie then Defily Token is your coin Should aim to own it in the long run, it will find its core value extremely large, promising to bring us good value in the future.
  • Mini Farm:  A simplified version of the Yield Farming feature, allowing users to bet and receive rewards.
  • Lending (Development focus):  Lending is a form of coin/token lending on the cryptocurrency market , investors who have idle coins/tokens will lend money to borrowers (called borrowers) for a period of time. certain period with a pre-committed interest rate. The form of Lending on platforms or exchanges is provided with many different options for the type of coin / token to be lent / borrowed or to choose the lending / borrowing period, in accordance with the purpose and needs. each person's needs.

About DFL Token:

DFL is a token that works on the Defily ecosystem. Users can own DFL through the process of Farm, Mini Farms, Farm, Get rewarded for winning Dragons in Battle at the link: .

In addition, investors can own through Coin trading activities on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Kaidex,, Pancakeswap, Poocoin, ONUS wallet, ....


  • Name: Defily Token
  • Symbol: DFL
  • Token Type: Utility Token
  • Standard: KRC20, BEP20, (Will update more Chains...)
  • Smart contract address (BEP20, KRC20): 0xD675fF2B0ff139E14F86D87b7a6049ca7C66d76e
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000 DFL (Will be distributed evenly across the chains).


Products that will be launched by Defily according to Roadmap:

1. Game to hunt DFL Tokens
  • Gamefi (Dragon Wars) website: :Defily is developing a title called Dragon Wars, an NFT-based game for character development, training and combat, using characters Dragon warrior and managed by DRAGON token to help you Play and earn valuable coins.
2. NFT picture collection using artificial intelligence :
Coming to Defily you will be able to own NFT pictures with high collectible value.            
Some NFT images on Defily, in which CitiGolf NFT is also one of the leading golf course development projects in Vietnam, has just been IDO on Defily.
3. Yield Farming :
        The feature allows users to participate in staking or lending crypto assets to generate high profits, or rewards paid in other cryptocurrencies.
        The community has the right to create Dao vote and vote based on the amount of DFL holding, if the number of votes accounts for more than 10% of the circulation of the DFL, then the Dao vote will be approved.
5. Services such as lending, dex... are included in defily's roadmap 👉:  Roadmap

DFL's potential:

The outstandingness of DFL tokens when compared with other investment models is because the investment scale at this time is completely for society and in the coming time, their ecological growth is quite wide in Defi, lending ( loan ), dex exchange, gamefi. V. V…. Notably, when DFL will appear on Harmony one (which will be funded by harmony in a hedge fund of 300 million USD), the value of DFL is likely to grow "huge". DFL has a talented and enthusiastic investment team.

Mechanisms that make DFL more potential than other foundational values:

  • Token burning cycle every 30 days helps to reduce the amount of Tokens and make them scarce.
  • There are 1 month, 2 month or 1 year lock pools for holders, if you withdraw early, you will lose 50%, if you withdraw after the lock time, you will receive full.
  • The potential Dragon wars game, with the value of dragons for spawning dragons, leveling up, buying items and land will consume DFL in the long run.
  • More potential Tokens can be Farmed in Castle Pool at:
  • Smart vaults help you auto retake to optimize farming and efficient dfl burning from smart vaults :