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Who is Johnny Dang? – Total assets of the “golden king” 2021


Who is Johnny Dang?

Johnny Dang (also known as: Johnny Tuan Dang, born November 12, 1974) is a Vietnamese-American businessman, millionaire and jeweler, who owns the most famous chain of jewelry stores in the US. . He was the one who revolutionized the American jewelry industry in the early 2000s with his designed product "Grillz", which helped Johnny Dang to be dubbed the "king of gold". complete”. Today, Grillz is considered "jewelry of the stars", has become an indispensable jewelry in the wardrobe of the most famous artists, singers and actors in the world.

Biography of businessman Johnny Dang

Johnny Dang or Johnny Dang, TV Johnny is a Vietnamese-American businessman (born in Buon Ma Thuot, from a poor family). He is a jeweler specializing in jewelry making and the owner of the most famous jewelry store chain in the US. According to Richest magazine -, Johnny Dang is one of the few Vietnamese who have successfully established a career in the US and is considered the king of the jewelry industry in the US.

In the early 2000s, Johnny Dang created a new transformation in the jewelry industry in the US with a product line of his own design called "Grillz" (fashion covered with gold, diamonds, and precious stones). … for teeth to help protect and beautify teeth

Johnny Dang's first opportunity opened up when he collaborated with rappers Nelly and Paul Wall, releasing a music video called "Grillz". When the song was released, it received positive support from the audience and created a trend of wearing Grillz among young people in the US and European countries. After this hit, Johnny Dang was likened to the king of luxury jewelry and brought him millions of dollars in profit. American media called him "jewelry king". During his nearly 20-year career, Johnny has served thousands of clients, including some of the world's biggest artists. Many famous artists such as Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Madonna, Drake, Chi Chill, Beyoncé, Travis Scott ... use his Grillz products.

How tall is Johnny Dang?

In a photo taken between Tuan Hung (1m74 height) and Johnny Dang. Johnny Dang can be seen standing a little higher than Tuan Hung's shoulder, so if Tuan Hung is wearing padded shoes, Johnny Dang's height ranges from 1m6 to 1m65 (Johnny Dang has a body similar to Bang Kieu's height of 1m65)>

Who is Johnny Dang's wife?

On one occasion, Khoa Pug asked Johnny Dang to fix his diamond necklace. Johnny Dang had a few words to share about his family. His wife's name is Bang Tam and is a woman who stands behind her husband's back.

“People often wonder about my wife, so I always say, my wife is Bang Tam, doing paperwork and mostly staying at home.

I have two children, a girl and a boy, so my wife is always at home to take care of the family and children. She helps me a lot because my work is too busy, I don't have much time to take care of my children.

Every day, my wife still takes the children to school, takes care of taxes, pays the staff for me. In general, my wife does not appear but helps me a lot. She takes care of things behind the scenes.

The wife behind the billions of dollars worth of diamond tycoon Johnny Dang - Photo 4.

My daughter's name is Giang Tien, 16 years old this year, she will be in 10th grade next year, and my son's name is Thuong Tien, who is also 15 years old. When I grow up, both of my children will follow the path of business and economy."

How much is Johnny Dang's net worth?

Surely we all have questions about how much fortune Johnny Dang is when he pays for cleaning with a salary of more than 70 million/week.

According to updates from

His net worth is about 20 million USD as of August 21, 2021. This asset is equivalent to  456.500,000,000.00  VND. In addition, his real estate and net worth is likely even higher than this number.

Johnny Dang's career in the US

The watch repairman at the flea market

Dang's relative has a small jewelry repair shop at a flea market in Houston, so he works as a watch and jewelry repair assistant with a salary of only about 100 USD (about 2.3 million VND) / month, according to Radio. NBC News. However, Dang quickly realized that there are many differences between the way jewelry is made in the US and what he learned in Vietnam. According to him, most jewelry in Vietnam and Asia is usually made by hand, while the jewelry manufacturing industry in the US is more automated with modern processing equipment. After arriving in the US, Dang quickly taught himself how to use these new tools. With his industrious and hardworking nature, Dang opened his own small jewelry store in 1998. Four years later,

Johnny Dang's path to becoming a gold king in America

Rapper Paul Wall has a relationship and reputation in the hip hop - rap music industry, so he connected Dang with other famous artists. Dang's name suddenly became "popular" when he and Wall and rapper Nelly collaborated to release a song called Grillz in 2006. This song contributed to creating the trend of wearing Grillz among young people in the US and other countries. Europe. Orders "flooded" to Dang and of course, revenue increased rapidly. For more than 20 years as a jeweler, Dang constantly refreshes products, creating unique sets of jewelry and dental accessories, bringing each person's personality to help him retain customers for a long time. Grillz teeth cover from one to the jaw became more popular in the hip hop scene about 2 years after Dang started creating these unique Grillz sets. Superstars in the American music industry like Kanye West, Jay Z, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Cardi B, Rick Ross… are loyal customers of Dang. The American press even called Dang "the king of gold".

Johnny Dang reactionary and anti-rebellion?

This is a completely untrue information because foreign powers rely on his reputation in the eyes of the Vietnamese to incite opposition. In an interview, Johnny Dang always talked about his nostalgia for his hometown. For him, Vietnam is a part of blood, the place where he was born and raised. Without Vietnam, there would be no Johnny Dang of today.

In Johnny Dang's memory in the beginning, when Vietnam was independent, it was a very poor place, without electricity, living difficult and lacking due to having to use stamps to buy goods. It was these difficulties that cooked him up with a strong will when he set foot on American soil, difficulties in foreign lands could not make him falter.

In Vietnam, the name Johnny Dang is highly respected by the upper class and ordinary Vietnamese alike, he is mentioned a lot by rappers in the lyrics because he is so admired for his talent. Ho Ngoc Ha, Binz and Suboi are famous people in Vietnam who used to wear diamond braces following this grillz trend.

Johnny Dang's generous style is a testament to the genuine character of this millionaire. Johnny Dang is very understanding for the difficult life of Vietnamese people in his homeland.

In April 2020, Tuan Hung had a trip to the US and visited Johnny Dang's jewelry store. Johnny Dang expressed his love for the voice of "Finding the sky" and shared that Tuan Hung is the second Vietnamese after Ho Ngoc Ha to be directly "prepared" by him for an extreme diamond tooth.

In popular culture

Mr.Dang in the US is a very famous character, he has been featured in music videos of Migos, Gucci Mane, Lil Pump, DaBaby, YNW Melly, Keith Ape, Chief Keef at the same time he appeared in music videos including "Grillz" by Nelly, "Wild Boy" by Machine Gun Kelly,[8] "No Angel" by Beyoncé. “We Takin 'Over” by DJ Khaled. He himself has also sung along on songs, such as "Stay Iced Up" from Paul Wall's album Heart of a Champion.

A Vietnamese rapper once mentioned him in a song when participating in the King of Rap program as Hieuthuhai through the hot trending song "CUA", which made people know more about him, a talented artist and businessman of Vietnam. Male.

What is the name of Johnny Dang's bodyguard?

The big black bodyguard who often goes with Johnny Dang named Big Mike.

Johnny Dang's bodyguard has a larger body of over 2m. The image of this bodyguard who is always standing next to Mr.Dang is definitely one of the things that fans are very interested in. : Who is Johnny Dang's bodyguard? : Big Mike – Johnny Dang's bodyguard

Big Mike looks so healthy, but according to a detail in the video that Khoa Pug posted on his personal page.

Specifically, a bodyguard named Big Mike is climbing the stairs with everyone with a rather exhausted look. When Khoa Pug actively asked:  "Are you tired already?"  he replied with a very depressed expression.