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What is Seedcom Investment Fund? – The secret behind a series of Vietnamese Startups


In recent years, a series of new startups founded by Vietnamese people have become extremely popular and one of them has more or less resonated and gained a certain foothold in the market. Coffee House, Cau Dat Farm, Haravan, Juno,,…. and Seedcom is the first name mentioned as a mysterious "tycoon" hiding behind successful Startup brands. So let's find out with what is the Seedcom investment fund- Who are they? – Why do they risk pouring capital into Startups?

Seedcom? - Who are they? – What company is that?

Seedcom is a venture capital fund (different from hedge fund 1 type of safe fund) established in June 2014, Founder of Seed Joint Stock Company (Seedcom) is Mr. Dinh Anh Huan - Co-founder of the chain. Mobile World retail store.

Seedcom is not known to many people outside of Vietnam, but in the domestic market, Seedcom investment fund is a reliable partner and is ready to spend money on your projects to incubate the seeds in the future. future.

According to Singaporean venture capital experts, Seedcom is a "business builder" model (company builder or venture builder).

Seedcom's portfolio typically targets retail markets or retail support services. At the same time, Seedcom is gradually encroaching into production markets, e-commerce and more recently the agricultural industry (Cau Dat Farm is an example).

What is the difference between a Seedcom venture fund and a regular financial investment fund?

Contrary to financial investment funds, the leadership of a financial investment fund will receive deposits from investors and will bring their money to pour into projects and bring money back to pay "interest" to investors. investors have deposited money. The minimum capital for a financial investment fund (hedge fund) in Vietnam is regulated to be from VND 50 billion or more and can only have a maximum of 30 capital-contributing members. For Seecom Ventures, business creators are actively involved in building and operating portfolio companies, as they have a wealth of experience and knowledge in startups. The risk of failure is thus also somewhat limited.

Seedcom acts as both a fundraiser and an intermediary. The company was able to both leverage TGDD's retail expertise and at the same time work with related businesses that were not competitors. In this situation, they would have a set of companies that provide a B2B (business to business) model to B2C (business to customer) companies. This contributes to creating a closed ecosystem among the companies in Seedcom's funded chain so that they can be self-sufficient and operate their own processes similar to the ecosystem Vin group is building.

Vietnamese entrepreneurs are gradually becoming a Warren Buffet 2.0 in Vietnam. Although it is not known whether Seedcom's investments will be effective in the future, this is a good sign for the young generation of Vietnam in the future when the leading generation is pouring investment. nurture the next generation).

Seedcom investment fund operates on a multi-level model?

This is completely false and baseless. Seedcom has a clear business license and all the investment areas in which Seedcom is currently pouring capital are famous in the market. Investments are real money, not virtual numbers and success is real and not made up on FB.

Who is the real owner of Seedcom?

Up to now, Mr. Dinh Anh Huan is still known as the founder of Seedcom, but it is possible that other co-founders are still hiding in the dark. Hopefully in the near future we can get to know these talented people of Vietnam.

Seedcom's Outlook

Seedcom proves that it is very "cool" when it comes to investing in retail companies or providing retail solutions. According to HSBC, Vietnam's retail market has a revenue of more than 90 billion USD in 2019. The prospect of this market comes from a young workforce accounting for half of the total population of 96 million and the average annual income. year (2,200 USD/year as recorded in 2016) is expected to increase rapidly in the medium term.

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