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What is ICP? Learn about Internet Computer Token from A - Z

At ICP coin had just appeared between May 5/2021 foreign authors capitalization it was the day hesitating reached to 80 billion dollars, put on the names veteran as Doge, XRP or Cardano in time there. So  what is ICP ? Potential of ICP have large it?

What is Internet Computer Protocol (ICP)?

What is the ICP  , it stands for Internet Protocol Computer, it is protocol blockchain and brings the ability to operate and manage network of data browsing the node running on the server in the world. ICP will consumers smart contract to create 1 blockchain bearing ability stronger use secret easily as well as to calculate expand high.

This is key data decentralization, it absolutely does not depend on any one computer system at all odd that operates based on contributions from all of the personal computer system. Main so will make for the security of the nets are secured, parallel also make the growth front-end website will rise up is super easy as that used completely owns can query access to manipulateby phone as well as by the process satisfied the standard web.

What is ICP?

What is ICP?

Internet Computer Protocol features

Apart  ICP is what  it also brings structure composed with 4 floors, approving the smart contract, also known as canisters, and the growth and use of property can store data, develop code on the upper floor together of the Internet Computer Protocol.

The following data push to bring the Protocol will continue down two floors below which is the IP / Internet Protocol and ICP, the end of public will to the Center of the user data.

With consumers ICP will allow those who use the property can create the website, developed systems and the dApps Falcon Standard putting straight the data developed on open Internet.

Through Network Nervous System (NNS) by Dfinity Foundation developed, the consumer public of the development will be to get the right to decide that what your data will be who hunted down counter, parallel empowered to manage the data to the end user . Key so that the information of the user dApps will not be the master server, or the home strong servers like Google, Facebook… get it.

In order to be able to run the node on the basis of ICP is the validator will need to be level certified Data Center Identity (DCID) by the governance mechanisms by 1 algorithm Network Nervous System (NNS). Dfinity Foundation said the ability perform the communication at the foundation of them only take 3 to 5 seconds only, this is one figure extremely significant admirer likened as compared owns Ethereum current.

Features of Internet Computer Protocol
Features of Internet Computer Protocol

The growth process of ICP

In addition to  what ICP is  , Dfinity has started the ICP growth phase since the end of 2016:

  • Copper: ICP version Launched the first owner called the DFINITY Canister SDK (v0.3.0). Also debuted additional language programming and set new standards for growth projects based on the foundation of this, it is consumers WebAssembly.
  • Bronze: For launches foundation social network World Economic Forum first and was developed on the platform ICP owns the name LinkedUp, this is the web version of LinkedIn open. Also in the process also brings one of the application demo was also launched.
  • Tungsten: Allows developers to participate in building ICP-based dApps. The infrastructure serving the housing development is expanding one method of quick, typical as Tungsten Hackathon activity 48 hours.
  • Sodium: Launched the NNS management system to be dedicated to the process 
  • platform administration. These validators if like to contribute as well as the security platform will be required to be verified, licensed by the system. NNS will also be awarded for the validators and bring delegaters, parallel commissioning ICP token.
  • Mercury: ICP Mainnet Launch. The project is announced to launch the public mainnet on May 7, 2021.
  • ICP <span class='lazyload marker'>growth</span> process
    The growth process of ICP

    The information about ICP Token

    • Token Name: Internet Computer Protocol Token.
    • Blockchain: Dfinity.
    • Ticker: ICP
    • Token type: Governance, Utility.
    • Token Standard: Updating…
    • Contract: Updating…
    • Circulating Supply: 136,899,213 ICP.
    • Total Supply: 469,213,710 ICP.

    Token Allocation

    The ICP is allocated as follows:

    • Early Contributors: 9.50%
    • Team Members: 18.00%
    • Strategic partnership: 3.79%
    • Seed contribution: 24.72%
    • DFINITY Organization: 23.86%
    • Strategy: 7.00%
    • Pre-sale: 4.96%
    • Internet Computer Association: 4.26%
    • Advisers and those who have maintained from the device three others: 2.40%
    • Airdrop with copper: 0.80%
    • Subsidies originally from public contracts together with the developer: 0.48%
    • Node operator: 0.22%
    Token Allocation
    Token Allocation

    Purpose use of ICP Token

    We already know that  ICP is nothing , besides that it was a token platform, so that it is both a token administrator parallel is the token of the utility project. The main uses of the token that is:

    • ICP lock token to vote for the proposal, while rewards browse the operation when engaged stages of management.
    • To pay the charges for the communication platform. All of the strong as well as the use of the platform ICP will have to pay an account costs such as with consumers or interact with dApps.

    Development roadmap

    Roadmap strong in 20 years to project  ICP is what  was DFINITY Foundation launched specifically :

    • Over the next 5 years: Schools will produce information about  what ICP is , knowledge about Internet Computer and Motoko (this is the programming language of the project). Implement applications ICP in the internet service of the community owning the target track of success and has effectively applied in practice.
    • Over the next 10 years: Internet Computer Protocol will eventually compete fairly with all his big is exclusive ecosystem current internet, parallel bearing can put Defi par owns the technology of traditional financial.
    • In the next 20 years: Perform give ICP a strong pass on the internet system Traditionally, parallel ICP will be all the infrastructure critical to use, and since he makes the whole person owns can practice liberal control as well as the right to own the west of himself on not cyberspace.
    Roadmap <span class='lazyload marker'>development</span> project
    Roadmap for growth projects

    Team grew project

    Team performed strong project  ICP What is  included:

    • Founder of Project: Dominic Williams, he was the one who brought the super broad operational experience in the supermarket about science area with the investment fund of the MMO field. In addition, he was with the extremely popular and scholarly works in the field as well as in the field Blockchain electronic money.
    • Members crux others all are those who have super lot of experience last time long operation in the fields of technology, electronic money and the array owns Interactive others.

    Investors in ICP

    In the past , the Foundation has Dfinity with the new round of financing with value giants in the past. In 2018, they were successful in calling for $ 61 million from the investment fund and at the end of 2018, they have implemented call successful capital amount of up to $ 102 million. This is a figure extremely bulky for property market capital called crypto including time now, and by the two funds is Polychain and A16Z lead.

    Also there are a number of other investment funds such as Aspect Ventures, SV Angel, Multicoin Capital, Amino Capital, Global Village, Scalar and kr1 Capital. Entire amount they have invested mentioned from time presence on the market in 2015 to the end of 2018 up to 195 million.

    Investors in ICP

    Investors in ICP

    Such articles produced for those you are notified aspects of  ICP What  and ICP Token. Stay tuned right channel  https: //  to to be the fastest update notifications as well as the events of the ecosystem ICP plus bring these projects unsurpassed DIFFERENT. Good luck with your investment.