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Finnews24 | The Perfect Communication Partner To Take Your FOREX Trading Platform Far In Vietnam

 Economic development, internet boom are the factors that bring people closer to the financial market. The demand for relevant information has also increased sharply. This is the reason Finnews24 was born, accurately updating the latest news and being interested. Along with this trend is that you will have more opportunities to introduce your brand by cooperating with the company .

About Finnews24 

Finnews24 is the fastest and most accurate financial news portal in Vietnam. Thanks to a reasonable policy, the number of visitors to the company's website is increasing in proportion to the number of years of development. Quality, accurate and quickly updated news content is the reason why Finnews24 is trusted. Coming to Finnews24, readers receive a lot of valuable knowledge. 

Finnews24 is a quality economic - financial portal

Currently, Finnews24 is focusing on providing information about the stock market, coin, gold price, Forex. The unit divides news sources into separate headings for the convenience of readers. This is also the perfect condition if your exchange wants to reach customers. We provide the best marketing environment for your brand to reach the people in need.

Finnews24's development goal is to bring value to all individuals and organizations operating in the financial market. From there, we create a healthy and reliable cooperation environment between the parties. There, Finnews24 brings what is needed most for your users and your brand. And you will have more opportunities to get close to users with the support of Finnews24.


Service packages from Finnews24 

Currently, Finnews24 offers a complete package of marketing services for any organization. We aspire to become a partner of Forex brokers, international stock exchanges and cryptocurrency exchanges. Each unit when conducting joint development cooperation with Finnews24 will receive: 

Provide advertising banners

Finnews24 designs attractive banners on the website to attract the attention of users. The number of people visiting and learning about your brand will increase significantly. This is an extremely effective advertising solution that many other information sites do not provide.

Your brand will be effectively PR on Finnews24 website

Articles PR 

This is a means for users to know your advantage when compared to other brands. We are committed to providing the best information, optimizing the quality of articles about you. Besides, the factor that stimulates readers to deeply understand the brand is also integrated.

Seeding accurate information

The promotion package provided by Finnews24 is guaranteed to reach the right people - at the right time. Your customer file will be built to the most potential, right target, avoid being "diluted". As long as you provide a specific target audience, the unit will seed effectively;

Regularly organize Webinar

Webinars run by Finnews24 are held continuously to support information for customers. With each partner, we have this workshop package to spread the brand. This great approach gives you a “huge” customer base. Because Finnews24 aims to reach users not only in the territory of Vietnam.

Market and brand related webinars are held regularly

Workshop Finnews24

In addition to face-to-face seminars, face-to-face sessions are also supported. In fact, there have been many Workshops that have proven themselves to be a great form of information sharing for the purpose of introducing brands. Finnews24 will provide more of this marketing method through user exchanges. The area where we do share will mainly be the financial market.

Google Ads 

Brand promotion through search engines is a method that has been around for a long time but has never been "outdated". Google is still the "big man" in the field, is the environment for brands to best reach customers. Therefore, Finnews24 will provide additional Google Ads advertising services to increase your awareness. The money you invest will be used correctly, giving you worthy results.

Facebook Ads 

The explosion of the Internet is a condition for social networks to gradually take over life. In particular, Vietnamese people are one of the largest users of social networks. In which, the highest level of popularity is Facebook and followed by Instagram. In order to help you reach users quickly, Finnews24 will provide this additional service.

Finnews24 aims to promote through social networks

Benefits of cooperating with Finnews24 

Becoming a partner of the unit is absolutely the right choice that you should consider. We are fully qualified to bring the best benefits for brand promotion. Among hundreds of other active names, combining with Finnews24 is a stepping stone for you to compete. What you get from the unit is the best, bringing benefits including:

Enjoy a quality general service package 

All services being provided by Finnews24 will be aggregated into an aggregate package. That is, your brand will be promoted by any solution, in every best medium. From the advantage of the popularity of the unit, you will reach customers faster and more effectively. The number of visitors to your website and application will grow significantly.

In case you want to use each service separately, Finnews24 will also support it. We ensure that our customers enjoy the fairest and most favorable policies. All information related to the cooperation process will be fully provided when the two parties work together. Please leave information on chatbox or registration form for Finnews24 staff to contact.

Make optimal use of solutions to reach customers

The marketing solutions that Finnews24 provides are popular and best. The results have been confirmed through the strong development of many brands. There, you and the user will "meet each other" and proceed to get to know each other. With good values ​​from the brand itself, the number of customers will increase by a positive number.

Cooperate with Finnews24 to promote the optimal brand 

Create a competitive advantage, say no to scams 

Finnews24 says no to PR services of betting floors, binary brokers or Forex scams. So, you can rest assured that the customers you reach are quality. Creating a “clean environment” to promote brands helps you compete more fairly. And using the correct aggregation service plan gives you a competitive edge.

Save on marketing costs

The services that Finnews24 provides are affordable, well researched. The unit is committed to not spamming prices and cheating during service support. All agreements will be entered into a contract and minimize the costs incurred. From there, your budget spent on finding customers through Finnews24 will be saved and used more effectively.

Traffic data reference of Finnews24

Google Analytics data (from March 1, 2021 - September 20, 2021)

Traffic source from Volume Search in the past 4 months has increased sharply.

Number of updates on Ahreft system (one of the most popular Website analysis tools in Vietnam)

Average per day according to rating from Ahreft. Finnews24 has a traffic of over 1k searches/day (excluding direct links, social sources and refer traffic from external satellite websites)

Keywords reaching the top of the industry up to more than 2,000 keywords with rankings in the top 10.

Multi-channel platform helps index articles within 5 minutes Keyword to Top within 1 week. Commit to the Top at least page 2 when the article is published thanks to the extremely fast indexing system from Google News and hundreds of satellite sites. 

That means, when your brand chooses us, not only website but hundreds of Finnews24 sub-sites support it. Increase live coverage throughout Google's search engine.

The power of Content is what makes Finnews24 different from other websites when all the content we provide has a unique level of up to 90%. The niche market is analyzed and covered overall.

Cooperate with Finnews24 for maximum cost savings

Attractive offers for Finnews24 partners 

Currently, Finnews24 is having an extremely good promotion for customers. When using a combined service package, the cost you need to invest will be greatly reduced compared to the individual package. Depending on customer needs, Finnews24 will advise and plan an appropriate promotion strategy.

In addition, old customers of the unit will also receive a worthy discount. This is the content of the gratitude program that Finnews24 is implementing for mutual development. Both sides will benefit, and the customer will receive more and better value. 

Finnews24 is one of the most perfect partners to bring your brand far. Not only in the Vietnamese market, we will support you to reach the international level. Therefore, after consulting the service of the unit, do not hesitate to contact immediately for support. We are committed to bringing your investment into building the best and most rewarding results.

Contact for media cooperation:

  • (Ms.Hoai)
  • (Mr. Toan)
  • (Mr.Rayden)