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Instructions on how to get backlinks for newbies in 2021

In the process of learning Offpage SEO , backlinks are mentioned. But you do not know how to get backlinks right?

This article will guide you on how to get backlinks for newcomers to update in 2021.

There is attached data at the end of the article for you to link again.

Some platforms are used to go links

  • Social Bookmark: Website bookmarks content
  • Micro Blogging
  • File Sharing: Website to share documents
  • Video Sharing: Video sharing website
  • Social Network: Social Network
  • Forum: Forum
  • Free Blog: Free content development site
  • Guest blogging: write articles on guest blogs, friends
  • Wiki: exploit broken link, or link profile on wiki
  • Blog how
  • Link 301

Before making a standard backlink, everyone should review the article: keyword research & keyword research tool

How to get backlink social bookmark

Social Bookmark means bookmarking content on the Internet, each “bookmark” is a backlink.


  • Easy construction
  • Increase the "Trust" for the website with Google
  • Naturalize backlink profile
  • Help new content index quickly


  • The power is not great in "push the top"
  • Mostly nofollow links

Steps to take

Step 1: Create an account

Step 2: Click on submit link or add link or send message

Step 3: Then fill in the title with keywords, description, select the type, paste the link you want to SEO into the link

Step 4: Save, or send message

How to get backlink micro blogging

The website allows users to post short statuses (like Twitter), which may contain links.


  • Easy construction
  • Increase the "Trust" for the website with Google
  • Naturalize backlink profile
  • Help new content index quickly

Cons : No major role in "pushing the top"

Steps to take

Step 1: Create an account

Step 2: Go to post or tweet

Step 3: Write content containing keywords, and hash tags, add links that need SEO

Step 4: Finally post

How to go backlink file share

Allows uploading text files (doc, pdf...) containing links in the content, Google indexed these content files.


  • Backlinks in text are highly appreciated by Google
  • Ability to generate traffic to the site
  • Backlinks have a high and natural “Trust” level
  • How to build is not too difficult

Cons: Backlinks are all nofollow

Steps to take

Step 1: Create an account

Step 2: Get the content available on your website (optimized internal links in the article you want to get)

Step 3: Copy and paste to word, convert to PDF

Step 4: Upload the file to optimize the file title

How to get backlink video share

Video sharing websites: Youtube, MetaCafe… allow users to upload videos with the link in the description.


  • Backlinks are highly appreciated by Google
  • Increase the Trust for the website
  • Capable of generating great traffic to the website

Cons: Backlink is mostly nofollow, can't set anchor text

Steps to take

Step 1: Create an account

Step 2: Create relevant video content

Step 3: Write title, description related to SEO keywords

Step 4: Put the link of the article you want to seo under the description

How to get backlinks to social network

Backlinks from major social networks, simulating content being shared by users.


  • Natural backlink profile
  • Relatively simple construction
  • Help new content index quickly
  • Increase the "Trust" for the website
  • Capable of pulling traffic


  • Mostly nofollow links
  • Doesn't have a big impact on keyword rankings alone

Steps to take

Step 1: Create an account

Step 2: Post the link according to the structure shown below

Step 3: Public link

How to get forum backlinks

Allows users to post, discuss, insert links. One of the most common types of backlinks. Note that posts are always in quality forums that interact with posts.


  • Backlinks in many forms (text, photos, signatures, comments, profiles)
  • Not too hard to build
  • Can generate traffic to the website
  • Ability to create links where there is high PR and relevant content


  • Backlinks are not always good and quality
  • If you do not do well, it is easy to lose the link

Types of forum links

  • Link post to anchor text, link as full url, link as image.
  • Link comment (for full link)
  • Link profile (full link home)
  • Link to send member messages (for information and Q&A keywords, wrong keywords)
  • Signature link (for large, impressive, curious anchor text to click)

How to get web 2.0 backlinks

Websites that allow users to update content on blogs for free. One of the best backlinks.


  • Backlinks are textual and mostly dofollow
  • Backlinks come from the main domains with high index
  • Relatively easy construction
  • Help increase Trust and other indicators for the site

Cons: Mainly foreign sites, so sometimes blogs will be deleted due to suspicion of "spam"

Steps to take

Step 1: Create an account

Step 2: Post with optimized content, insert links, add avatars, select categories, add descriptions

Step 3: Public and share on social networks

How to get backlink guest post

Participate in writing articles for other websites with the same topic or related topics to a certain extent.


  • Quality and natural backlinks
  • Can generate great traffic to the site


  • Subject to the consent of other webmasters
  • Guest blogging content must be really good and unique

Steps to take

Step 1: Find pages for collaborative writing according to the syntax in the picture

Step 2: Fill in enough information, create quality content

Step 3: Leave the source link

How to get backlink blog comment

Comment to get links on blogs in the same industry or high-quality, interactive blogs


  • Easy to get backlinks
  • Go to good links with high traffic


  • Mostly nofollow links
  • Comment blog sites are prone to spam and quality loss

Steps to take

Step 1: Look for related topic blogs that allow comment links

Step 2: Click on the article

Step 3: Fill in the information and comment content as shown below

Step 4: Post comments

How to get wiki backlinks

Build links from your profile on wiki pages

Advantages: Quality and natural backlinks


  • Difficult to do because the wiki admin is extremely difficult
  • Easy to remove links


Step 1: Create an account (select Vietnamese language) and click on the account name

Step 2: Click "Create"

Step 3: Write the content to introduce the profile, then insert the link

Step 4: Save

How to get 301 link

Building links based on websites allows shortening redirect links in the form of 301, transferring quality from the shortened page to the page that needs SEO.


  • Fast construction
  • Free of charge
  • Can directly measure clicks


  • There is still a possibility that the link will be deleted
  • Some shortened pages can be 302 with no quality transmission

Steps to take

Step 1: Create an account, paste the url you want to shorten into the box

Step 2: Pass captcha

Step 3: Click on the short url or short link section

Step 4: Then copy and share the shortened link

So you have read too many backlink tutorials for newbies. Hope you will have a lot of quality backlinks for yourself.

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